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13 Jan 2022

Romania 1960 25 "Bani" Coin

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The Leu (plural = Lei) is the foreign money of Romania. Leu literally means "lion" in English. It is partitioned into one hundred bani (singular = ban).

Romania joined the European Union in January 2007, however the Leu continued to be used as the official currency untilthe Euro was adopted as the official currency of the nation in 2015.

I hereby present my 25 Bani coin which belongs to an already gone part of European history. It was minted under Soviet control in Bucharest in 1960.

Moldavia and Transylvania are both historically and filmwise known for their inherited cultural and folkloric characters. Both are ancient Romanian principalities. Transylvania can be remembered for its patriot Prince Vlad inmortalized by Bram Stoker's Dracula. Prince Vlad was famous for inflicting severe punishment and horrible deaths upon the enemies of his realm. An image of Hotel Transylvania is included as well as a gorgeous image of Main Avenue in Bucharest, the capital of this great country.

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I. R. Bama

Level 5

One of the unexpected benefits of my job is that when my patients go abroad, I give them 10 or 20 dollars if they are willing to bring me back coins. That was how I got my coins from that area. Very informative blog, thank you!


Level 4

It’s interesting that it’s lion in English. That place looks really nice. Nice coin and thanks for sharing

Looks great!


Level 6

Thanks for a good blog! Love that castle! ; )


Level 6

Another great coin history. Thanks.

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