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14 Mar 2017

Canadian Coin Collection – Pure Silver One Kilogram Ultra-High Relief Coin

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On July 17th, Canada will celebrate their 150th anniversary. The Royal Canadian Mint has made huge preparations in order to commemorate this historic milestone. They have created an entire series of coins dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Canada. One of the most unique coins that has recently been released is the Canadian Coin Collection – Pure Silver One Kilogram Ultra-High Relief Coin. This coin is used as a fitting tribute to the numismatic culture and heritage of Canada’s 150 years

08 Dec 2016

Coin Loupes

| Hunter The Coin Collector

As I was browsing through products on Whitman Publishing, I noticed a large abundance of over 10 different Coin Magnifiers. This was also suprising because ones of similar quality can have a large difference in price. I don't fully comprehend the reason for different prices and costs. I understand that they have different magnifications but that seems to have little impact on the pricing scale. I personally use a times ten magnifier and that seems to be generally accepted among the ANA community. I was wondering what magnification you would recommend. -Coin Collector 101

28 Nov 2016

2021 State Park Quarter

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I was recently reading through a smaller sized leaflet of the America the Beautiful State Quarter Program. As I flipped through the pages I started to ponder why only one quarter was made in 2021. My questions did not just stop there though. Why not make 6 quarters in 2020? Will all the quarters that year have the same design? Why did they choose the Tuskegee Airmen National Site?

19 Nov 2016

Coin Lots

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On Ebay, I have seen multiple mystery lots on coins that allow dealers to take huge advantages of young or new to the hobby coin collectors. One group that is particularly guilty of this is Jeffcoins. They will have lots titled things like Estate Lot! FREE GOLD! When I was just starting out, these really started getting me into the hobby. I know as I look back on this experience that I was greatly taken advantage of but I feel bittersweet. On one side I lost around fifty dollars but on the other side I might not have ever started collecting coins if I didn't see these lots while I was skimming through deals on Ebay. What do think? Is it okay to take advantage of someone if it helps in the long run? What if you don't actually mean for it to help?-Coin Collector 101

16 Nov 2016

Acid on Dates

| Hunter The Coin Collector

As a young coin collector I have made the mistake multiple times of purchasing buffalo nickels with acid on the dates. I have learned as a coin collector, especially online it is important to pay extra close attention to the date. If you are thinking about buying coins that have acid to uncover the date I strongly recommend thinking twice about it. Also, if you ever buy coins online to make sure you know exactly what you're buying. Have you ever accidentally bought a nickel with Nic-a-Date on it? Do they have any value?-Coin Collector 101

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