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05 Oct 2020

Coin Show Pickups

| Big Nub Numismatics

After several months of not being able to do anything, numismatics has been picking up speed for me. I was surprised to see a coin show just an hour away from me on the weekend, and nothing was going on, so my dad and I took the trip to Cleveland's Universal in and currency show on Sunday.

It wasn't a large show, only about 20 dealers, but the coins were awesome, and the people were even better! One dealer was a past TPG grader and attribute, and his table was stocked full of the most wonderful varieties and errors you only see in books. He had several MS 1914/3 Buffalos, a few 3 legged buffalos, and some insane reverse brockages and doubled dies that made the eyes cross! With such a small show, and such a specific taste, I was unsure of what I would find, but it didn't disappoint. I purchased a PR-65CAM 1905 barber dime that had an interesting reverse die rotation. It just added to the already amazing coin. I found a 1962 UCAM franklin with a ring of golden toning and a reverse die rotation, an MS66 ( I would give it a 67) 1938 D/S buffalo, an uncirculated ten-cent note (fifth issue, nothing fancy) and my personal favorite, a PR-66 1937 Buffalo. The proof buffalo has a beautiful dark blue toning around the coin, and although it isn't cameo, it sure has a distinct difference in the field and devices. This coin blew my mind away. It is housed in an almost 31-year-old holder from PCGS! After showing the coin to a nickel collector, and family friend, he said that it was the best he's seen. Given that it is in such an old holder, and is such a beautiful coin, I have decided to resubmit it. Even if it doesn't get an even higher grade, the coin is still the same coin. I'd be happy if it came back with a new, unscratched holder.



Level 5

Let us know what it comes back as!


Level 5

Awesome pickups!


Level 4

Some nice adds to your collection. Coin Shows are hard to come by these days, but I love to look and feel coins rather than just use photos.

Nice pickups!


Level 3

Saw these on the YN chat, but seeing them again is awesome- they're some amazing coins!


Level 5

True story!


Level 5

That is just sweet! I would be like a dog chasing it's tail, wouldn't know where to turn! Beautiful coin, consider if you will what some of the older folks mentioned about the older Rattler slab. They are valued by many. Either way, it's is and will continue to be a wonderful coin. Great Pick and Blog. Later!


Level 5

Beautiful coins. Are you sure about sending the Buffalo in again? Old holders are very collectible also. Can't wait for more coin shows to start up again. Let's hope coin shows will be more plentiful next spring?


Level 6

Wow, you had an EXCELLENT show. Thanks for sharing, we all love to live everyone's coin show adventures.


Level 5

Small shows can be rewarding.


Level 6

I really enjoy the smaller coin shows. dealers just seem nicer and ready to deal. That look like a Rattler holder. People will pay a premium for that. Check it out at the PCGS web site. They have a great display and history of all their holders. Good job at the show. Thanks.


Level 6

Sounds like you had a great time! Nothing like being able to go to a actual coin show in person ; ) I love that Buffalo Nickel and especially like the old green holder. Some collectors would find this coin more desirable being that it is in that specific holder. Thanks for a good blog!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Very nice pickups! I love the Buffalo you bought especially!


Level 7

That slab is an old green rattler.. The coins you saw were great. I bet you wanted to buy them all. Thanks for pictures, the descriptions of the coins. I felt like I was there!!


Level 5

Nice picks!


Level 5

Stunning! It is a possibility that I will be going to a 160 table coin show in a few weeks.


Level 4

Absolute beauties! Good eye, and wonderful pickups!

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