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01 Oct 2020

First Newsletter!

| Big Nub Numismatics

It's been just over two weeks since Oobie and I started our online club for YNs, and it has been going extremely well! So far, twenty people have taken part in our experiment, and everyone is having a great time. Our first meeting is on Saturday, and all of us can't wait. The fun and games hasn't been limited to numismatics either, stamps, and video games have all take part in our atmosphere.

Today, though, we released our first newsletter. It's small and shared via email, but our next one should be bigger and better as we didn't really have anything to report on. We decided to not limit the newsletter to just YNs so that we could get the word out, as well as providing some young authors opportunities to be seen by experienced collectors. We'll keep getting better as time goes on.

If anyone would like to view the newsletter, let me know!



Level 3

Can't wait to see the topics that the newsletter covers!


Level 5

Nice ! Great idea to promote the hobby ! Hope it continues and future YN keep it going !


Level 6

That's great! Good job! I'd also love to have a copy sent. Thanks!


Level 5

Nice work! Happy to see your bringing everyone together! Cheers, NM


Level 6

Message sent.


Level 4

For those of you that wish to receive the newsletter, just send your email through the Message Center, and we will add you to the mailing list.


Don't forget my music channel!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm up for getting the newsletter too!

sounds like an interesting read; perhaps you could post as a blog here... would probably be good for attracting new members as well, I imagine


Level 6

Great work Guys!!! If we have our PAN KidZone on 31 October, I will reach out to you and get the registration information to pass on to our group.


Level 5

I would be pleased to read the newsletter. Sometimes a newer persons observations are better than the older ones. They can see things we don't anymore. The forest for the trees thing again. So just let me know. I'm game. Thanks.


Level 5

I'm also up for getting the newsletter, but I'm NOT going to bring "DIRT" into the subject (i.e. age discrimination) ! LOL


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