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25 Jan 2021

submission forms

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Does anyone else have difficulty with submission forms for PCGS?I find it extremely annoying to have to fill out different forms fora submission due to either double die varieties or any other abnormally.On top of that they will charge you a separate return shipping fee even though thesubmissions were sent together. Am I doing something wrong or is this howbusiness is done with these folks?Thank you for any input.Jim


NGC's forms are just as confusing and lengthy. I finally learned to feed legal sized paper (8x14) in my printer so it doesn't cut the page off early. I'd love to just sent the coins in with a little paperwork and just have NGC tell me what I owe!


Level 5

Due to ANA membership, I only use NGC, so I can't help you, sorry.


Level 6

NGC or ANACS for me. Just call for help. I know NGC is very good about that. Everybody charges more for anything they can. Thanks.


Level 6

I prefer NGC myself... However all the forms are confusing. It's like a new experience each time you send something in. ; )


Level 5

They are pretty confusing....


Level 7

I don't go to PCGS I use NGC they number the boxes to fill out . Just follow the numbers you have no problems.


Level 5

NGC seems to have a good system, and doesn't the ANA affiliate with NGC? I prefer the NGC holders, and don't plan to use PCGS. I will buy a PCGS holder coin, but not my favorite. I like ANACS for just inexpensive coins, that I want slabbed just for fun.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I've never sent them anything, but I do hear people complain about the forms

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