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01 Aug 2020


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Hello, my name is Charles. Wanting to become more active in the numismatic community.
Collecting interests: Naturally, I love a good Morgan Dollar, recently I have become entranced with the extradited die varieties of early coppers. Just finished a Peace dollar set which was exciting for me all AU to BU+. Currently working on a Barber half set and a capped bust set. Barber set is raw, capped bust will be graded.
I have been collecting steady for about 5 years. The more I participate in this hobby the more I learn about how much I don't know. Its interesting because I think I still have just as many questions today as I do when I started. I love the history of this hobby learning about varieties and the die process.
Not sure what else to say, I have 4 favorite coins would be. Draped bust half cents, Morgan dollars, peace dollars, capped bust halves.



Level 5

Welcome Charles, I have seen the opportunity to Cherry Pick Morgan dollars, things were looking up until Covid, knew the silver prices was going up. Hope this hasn't effected you collecting too much. Again, Welcome.

Fun interests and welcome!


Level 6

Welcome. You will never stop learning here. I too am a Peace Dollar nerd. Enjoy!


Level 5

You make an excellent point, "The more you put into it the more you will get out of it." Then as you discover that you're just scratching the surface, you redouble your efforts to learn more. (Your story reminds me of me)! Thus it comes to me as no surprise that you found your way here. Certainly, you have come to the right place when it comes to numismatics! Welcome to the ANA! BTW, I collect gem-quality (MS-65 and up) Morgan Dollars and GSA holders.

Mike B

Level 7

Well welcome to the best hobby there is. I'm glad you found your way here.. Those are nice coins for going after and finishing.

Long Beard

Level 5

I like the direction and method in which you collect. Impressive to have assemble a higher grade Peace Dollar set.


Level 5

Welcome Charles. Everyone here is ready to help where they can. You collect some nice coin areas. Plenty to learn here at the ANA site.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hey Charles! Glad you are here with us. I'm like you, I find everyday that I have so much to learn and I'm an eager student. We have lots of folks happy to share their knowledge and experience. Read and write on other's blogs. Please post your own too. I'm sure you have a lot to share with us too. If you want to get in deep to it consider the ANA diploma program. I'm on my third course and have learned a lot by taking it so far


Level 4

Welcome, Charles!! You’ve picked the perfect place to get involved!


Level 5

Hi Charles. This is a great place. Lots of knowledgable people here.


Level 5

Greeting Charles, you will find a good group of really helpful and interesting people here, we look forward to seeing more of your collection and more of your interactions. R/ Malcolm

Welcome, Charles! You'll find a great community here. Those halves are hard to collect, can't wait for some blogs on your peace dollars.

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