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31 Mar 2021

Coin Collecting for Beginners by Isaiah O.D. Lynch: Book Review

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Coin Collecting for Beginners by Isaiah O.D. LynchBook Review

This book is an easy guide to begin coin collecting. The author suggest that any collecting hobby is not only fun, but money well spent as we have something that is a saving for the future. There are recommendations to get started with coin collecting with zero investment or very less investment. The book provides a checklist on how a novice to coin collecting would know whether to trust a coin dealer or not. One needs to see how long a coin dealer has been in business, their reputation compared to peers and how the customer feedback is. Also, there is information on how to participate in online coin auctions the right way. If we attend the coin auction in person, we can examine the coins for sale in person. Whereas, in online auctions, the high-resolutions pictures could be misguiding. This a beginner collector’s book with 140 pages that would be useful.



Level 5

Sounds like it would be helpful. Thanks.


Level 5

Numismatic books have my heart! I love them with everything in me!! Ill have to give this one a skim! Thanks!


Level 7

Books are the answer. But the book before the xoin. However after 27 years of collecting I'm done with books. My wife said you or the books can go. So I left them at the library.


Level 6

I looked up this book on eBay and it does look pretty interesting! Thanks for the review! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Or just collect everything that comes your way and figure out what you like best!

Long Beard

Level 5

Physical books are not only a great idea but an essential reference source for a collector, new or seasoned. Before explaining, the very first rule a new collector should heed is to start small. Stick with one series at a time. While the book in your subject is a good read, the best thing is to buy one specifically tailored to the coin series you chose to collect. These type go into much greater detail than a generalized book. And lastly, join a club or forum. What one learns at these can not be found in a book.


Level 5

Would be a nice book for a YN to get started.

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