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30 Apr 2021

The Instant Coin Collector by Arlyn Sieber - Book review

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The theme of this book is to talk about everything a numismatist needs to know to get started with coin collecting. There are separate chapters on collecting various coins such as, Lincoln memorial cents, Lincoln Bicentennial coins, Nickel series, Franklin half dollars, Kennedy half dollars. Collecting some of the dollar coins such as Eisenhower dollars, Native American dollars and Presidential dollars are explained. Collecting some of the special type of coins such as commemorative coins and tokens are also discussed. The intent is to cover in detail on which coins to start collecting and why. The various numismatic terms and various parts of the coin are specified. The following section is on how to store the coins and maintain the collection is a good condition for longer periods of time. There is a suggestion to reach out to other collectors and share the interest. Overall, a good book to move beyond basics.



Level 4

Any way to explain the differences between books you have read. Why one is better in your opinion?


Level 5

Sounds like a valuable resource!


Level 5

Looks like a good book to read for a beginner or experienced collector.


Level 6

You do a lot of reading! Thanks for yet another review. ; )

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