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20 Sep 2022

$2 Star Federal Reserve Note Uncut Sheets

Paper Money - United States | user_4256

I've been assembling a district collection of US $2StarFRN four note uncut sheets. So far, I've acquired all FED banks except Richmond (E), Minneapolis (I) and Kansas City (J). I haven't acquiredKansas City (J) because I've not found one at the right price. Based upon my research from "A Guide Book of US Paper Money", 3rd edition; "Paper Money of the United States" 22nd edition; and some poking around on the web it appears that no star note uncut sheets were issued for theRichmond (E) and Minneapolis (I) FED banks. Can anyone confirm?

17 Apr 2020

Question Regarding ANA Ambassadors

| user_4256

I'm researching a token and have some questions. The token is dated 1980. It appears to be a sort of calling card or challenge coin. It is made metal of some sort with nothing on the reverse. The obverse is enameled with whit and blue paint with contains the following information; "Ed Black" along the top; "A.N.A. Dist Rep" U.S. Assay 1975", "TAMS", "$2 FDC" and "NJ Cents" along the left side; "FUN NN", "Ambassador", "N.V.C.C.", "#1", "L.C.C. #1"; and "Lakeland, FLA.", "1980" along the bottom. My guess is that "Ed Black" handed it out and that he was/is an ANA Ambassador, ANA District Representative and coin dealer. Please let me know if you have any insight.Thanks Jack Bell.

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