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20 Sep 2022

$2 Star Federal Reserve Note Uncut Sheets

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I've been assembling a district collection of US $2StarFRN four note uncut sheets. So far, I've acquired all FED banks except Richmond (E), Minneapolis (I) and Kansas City (J). I haven't acquiredKansas City (J) because I've not found one at the right price. Based upon my research from "A Guide Book of US Paper Money", 3rd edition; "Paper Money of the United States" 22nd edition; and some poking around on the web it appears that no star note uncut sheets were issued for theRichmond (E) and Minneapolis (I) FED banks. Can anyone confirm?



Level 6

Can't answer your question, but it sounds like you have a great collection going on! ; )


Level 6

Now that is a specialization. I know of an MPC collector that is going for plate position in his collection. Good luck.


Level 7

Its interesting the Bureau of Engraving and Printing only make currency in Fort Worth Texas and Washington! They do a great job. I enjoy star notes and Silver notes. I have both. Thanks for the information and the blog.


Level 4

Yes, very interesting! Quite the specialty.

AC coin$

Level 6

Interesting items to collect and seek. I myself look into starred notes and odd numbered items too. Wonderful you are into that too. Best of luck. You've probably seen it already, but the US Mint has a listing of paper money classifications, lettering and numbering id's for each FRB and/or districts. Check it on their site.

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