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17 Apr 2020

Question Regarding ANA Ambassadors

| user_4256

I'm researching a token and have some questions. The token is dated 1980. It appears to be a sort of calling card or challenge coin. It is made metal of some sort with nothing on the reverse. The obverse is enameled with whit and blue paint with contains the following information; "Ed Black" along the top; "A.N.A. Dist Rep" U.S. Assay 1975", "TAMS", "$2 FDC" and "NJ Cents" along the left side; "FUN NN", "Ambassador", "N.V.C.C.", "#1", "L.C.C. #1"; and "Lakeland, FLA.", "1980" along the bottom. My guess is that "Ed Black" handed it out and that he was/is an ANA Ambassador, ANA District Representative and coin dealer. Please let me know if you have any insight.
Thanks Jack Bell.



Level 2

I know this is an old question but wanted to thank you all for the helpful information. I'm new to blogging and forgot about my question.


Level 6

Did you ever find anymore information on the token? ; )


Level 5

If you could share the photo it would be nice to see. Thanks to Mokester for the details.


Level 2

Very nice, good luck

glad mokie got this cuz I have no clue... lol, interesting token though, thanks for sharing!


Level 5

What was the purpose of the token? Did Ed Black hand the tokens out like a business card? What is a challenge card ? Anyone know ? This has made me curious. Thanks

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am wondering if this is some kind of credential from FUN. Seems like a pretty poor choice of calling card for someone as accomplished as Mr. Black. A picture would be helpful.


Level 6

Mokie has it. Good luck.


Level 7

They have districk represenatives. You go to different clubs help them get started its allot of work. All voluntary.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Edward J. Black, to be exact. Lakeland Florida, ANA District Representative for Florida at that timeframe. He was appointed by President Gerald Ford to the Assay Commision in 1975.

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