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15 Apr 2016

Mint to Release Gold Mercury dime

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The US Mint will release the Gold Liberty Head or Mercury dime April-21-2016 and it will be 24 K 1/10 oz. gold but what surprised me is 10 coins per household and a mintage of 110,000. You would think the mint would learn and lower the per household limit to 1 or 2 so large coin networks can't buy them all up and triple the price! I still remember the 25TH Anniversary Silver Eagle sets mintage 100,000 gone in a couple hours site crashed no getting through the phone except for the fortunate ones. This is the first of 3 coins 100th anniversary to be released it is just my humble opinion that collectors should have as much of a chance as the large coin networks and i will not get started on how i feel about them! Maybe it will work out i was lucky enough to get the last 4 Chronicles sets bit i still have to wounder how many collectors buy 10 gold coins at US Mint prices? Currently the 1/10 oz gold Pr American Eagle is $175.00 and on back order? I just happen to enjoy all 3 of these coins and they are beautiful in silver and the gold coins should be interesting as well hopefully they will join my other coins we shall see. Have a great day collecting!



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True, I really hope I am able to get at least 1.


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Silver versions would make too much sense (something the government does not have much of anymore). The gold versions are way to pricey and as other have stated the coins appear to be targeted for the rich!


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I agree too... I might be able to afford the Mercury Dime, but having said that...I don't think I want one. I collect the originals and I was really hoping the Mint would have offered a silver version. I mean a Mercury Dime is silver...not gold.


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If I get any it will be this release. It's the only one I can afford. I know there are laws that technically prevented them from making these in Silver but they had plenty of time to act and get something passed to allow the mintage in silver. Us as collectors are the only ones that can force change. If there is no demand for the gold coins then they wont make them.

Mike B

Level 6

I was very upset when I found out that they were going to be gold only. Let's say you can afford the Mercury forget about the other two. So as far as I'm concerned they can sell twenty to a family. You want to see beauty. Those three coins in silver. Loaded with luster. But this has become the hobby of Kings or the rich and famous. The mint hasn't done anything the right way in years. Don't expect anything soon.mike.


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If only it was silver, like the original, I'd get one. Same with the rest. Can't afford gold so I'm out, not that the mint cares, or is it a gift store??


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