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03 Apr 2019

Great American Coin Hunt

National Coin Week | RPSeitz

The Great American Coin Hunt

To celebrate National Coin Week (April 21-27), more than 200 members of the group Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers will place thousands of old coins — from century-old Indian Head and early Lincoln cents to vintage silver dimes and quarters and older paper money — into circulation. Just wanted to make sure that you were all aware. - Randy



Level 6

What a great idea! Really cool! I think I'll seed my town... ; )

It's a great time to let go of any lesser-grade stuff you might have and let it quietly slip back into circulation. I plan on doing it myself. Let someone else discover it and perhaps pick up a Red Book and get hooked. It worked for me back in 1969. What's that old saying: pay it forward.


Level 6

Something to look for. You never know what could be found. I'll keep my eyes open.


Level 4

Hope to find one or two of those W Natnl Park Quarters. Also hope the coin hunt come into the San Antonio, Texas area. Nice blog. Thank you!

Keep your eyes on your change everyone, you might find something special.


Level 5

Would nice if it was broadcast on local TV and radio station. I don't expect anything in my area. The large population area is probably where most coin drops take place.


Level 4

whelp this is going to be a joyride having mercury dimes and silver dollars in circulation.

Just Mokie

Level 5

I have some dateless buffalo nickels and some very very worn liberty nickels I am going to place in the wild. I was just thinking of leaving them in prominent places like the shelf in the library or a random counter at a random business or two. I hope this effort gets a lot of publicity from mainstream media.

Mike B

Level 6

The mint will be realising the 2019 quarters with the W Mint ten million. This is an Ana and mint program. It's to bad the regular people.don't know what to look for. And I'm not expecting hundred dollar coins. I won't be involved you see I'm disabled like many collectors and we can't go look of even buy one. I hope.you all find something good. The fun is in the hunt enjoy it and have fun.

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