13 Jun 2022

All About Coin Clubs

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About Coin Clubs

In 2020 I started a coin collection. I started collecting nickels, then dimes and National Park quarters. The next year, my mom signed me up as a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and we found a local coin club. We started attending the monthly meetings. At my very first meeting, one of the members gave me a quarter minted at the San Francisco Mint. I kept going to the club meeting and got to know a few of the members. The members are nice and have been very helpful with my collecting. Some of them have brought change to let me look through. Others have given me coins, like a Franklin Half Dollar, a Mercury Dime, and even a counterfeit coin! I look forward to coin club each month and have it marked on my calendar so I don’t forget.

I have learned that there are different types of coin clubs and the one we go to is just a small coin club, but there are big ones too, like the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and Florida United Numismatics (FUN). This January, I went to the FUN Show and learned that there are even specialty coin clubs like the Barber Coin Society, The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (CONECA), the Original Hobo Nickel Society (OHNS), and The Elongated Collectors (TEC).

The coin club I go to meets once a month. Others can meet more or less often; some will only meet once a year at a coin show. There are not very many kids that attend coin club but the kids that do are welcome. At our local coin club, people gather early to visit and to talk about coins they have found or coins they are looking for. Our local coin club has a monthly raffle, so members also buy raffle tickets in hopes that they win a coin prize. The club president calls the meeting to order with a bang of his gavel. A monthly attendance prize is given to one lucky member. We talk about club business and then have a presentation about coins. I have heard presentations about War Nickels, counterfeit coins, Spanish pieces of eight, West Point quarters, and other topics. I was even able to give a presentation myself! Our coin club gives twelve free raffle tickets to the presenter. This helps encourage people to give presentations. After the presentation they hold the raffle, then the president closes the meeting. Members can go home or stay and visit longer. Our December coin club meeting has prizes for lots of people, drawn out of those who have attended meetings throughout the year. I hope I win the gold coin this year!

I think that young coin collectors should see if there is a coin club in their area and become a member. Joining a coin club will help you with coin collecting, teach you things that you did not know before, and help you make great friends.



Level 4

Great to see the younger generation get involved. Clubs are a great way to learn about coins, and coins are a great way to learn history. Thanks for the blog.


Level 4

Glad to see young interest in the hobby. Keep attending club meetings and keep learning. I wish I started at a younger age, trying to play catch up now. Best of luck with your future numismatic pursuits.


Level 6

Sounds great! I wish there was a coin club near me. ; )


Level 7

Nice and enjoyable. Your lucky I don't have A club near me. A club is good to have. There is so much you can do and enjoy it at he same time. Stay with it!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Interesting , great blog


Level 6

Now this is a very nice blog. I like to here the history of our collectors. You are lucky to have a club near you and a great mom to take you there. Way to go mom. Thanks. Keep it up. Keep gaining knowledge.

My dad takes me to coin club, He coin collects too, He won an attendants prize once

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