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30 Mar 2022

Coin finds - 1877 Indian plus 1922D Lincoln, 1890 CC Morgan

| user_45311

My dad recently purchased the collection of a friend of his who passed on last year. 5-6,000 coins in total, plus about 100 pieces of old currency. While sorting, I was looking thru a couple of old coin folders and found an 1877 Indian in G/VG! Plus a nice 1922D Lincoln too. We're still sorting but its been amazing some of the stuff in there.Still working on my Kennedy set, 1964-2011 is done except for the 1996-2011 Silver Proof coins.



Level 5

Great treasure hunting. That is a lot of coins.

Long Beard

Level 5

You don't come across that everyday, 5-6000 coins to search through. Nice finds in there thus far.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Great fortune found . Sounds like a will from the heart.


Level 6

You and your dad are in for a great time. Take your time and make an inventory, my opinion. Thanks and good luck.


Level 6

Those are some great finds! Your Dads friend would be happy to know that his collection went to fellow numismatist.


Level 7

That will keep you guys busy for a while. My mentor passed away two weeks ago. His family has asked me to go over his coins and make recommendations. That will take at least two month's.


Level 6

nice finds

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