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02 Sep 2014

How I Started Collecting

Coins | user_4542

I had some coins from other countries, but I never really took interest in them. Then one day my Dad gave me a 1912 German 10 Piece. After that I really took. Interest in it. I look at my collection again and saw that I had coins from Canada, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador and so on. Then I went to my local Flea market and bought some more Over time my collection has grown.


Mike Burns

Level 6

Well one is from Germany I believe. There both nice. Good job by you.


Level 5

Great story on what really got you into the hobby!


Level 5

Good story.


Level 4

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of my friends.


Level 4

Nice story


Level 5

Good post. I like to hear the stories of how it all began.


Level 5



Level 4

V Cool


Level 4

Good Job! Nice post!

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