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22 Feb 2018

Credit card issuers and usury

Credit Cards | Prospector

If you have a credit card balance and are living worst than an indentured servant to the credit card issuer you need to know this. The effective annual interest rate on credit cards amount to 40 to 60 percent. If you were to pay the minimum balance of the credit card it would take you 130 years to pay off the alleged debt. Mind you I said alleged debt since it has been proven in the court of law that these usurers attempt to collect money without a contract.

20 Feb 2018

Pride surrounds Sacagawea dollar's majesty

Coins-United States | Prospector

The Sacagawea dollar coins represent one of the most beautiful modern coins. Glenna Goodacre's artists depiction of Sacagawea, a young Native American Shoshone with infant child Jean Baptiste has excellent eye appeal. The reverse an eagle soars majestically into the field of the coin. These original issue coins are beautiful unlike the Presidential and subsequent Native American coins which have a $1 on the reverse, Sacagawea (2000-2008) have One Dollar on them. Unfortunately, the mint was forced to do this most likely, since many people confused the original Sacagawea dollar coin for a different denomination. I like the denomination written on the coin as opposed to a number. I probably will start a collection of the original issues (2000-2008) but not the subsequent ones.

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