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01 Dec 2019

the wheat cent

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I've been doing some research and basiacally I have created this to some up the wheat penny;

In 1909, the Indian Head American penny was discontinued in favor of the Lincoln penny, which commemorated the 100th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. President Roosevelt considered Lincoln the savior of the Union, the greatest Republican President, and also he considered himself Lincoln's political heir. He hired designer, Victor David Brenner who was a Lithuanian immigrant and a friend of Roosevelt, who knew him as a skilled engraver and designer. Brenner paid the martyred president a lasting tribute, in the form of a sympathetic obverse portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Penny became commonly known as the “Wheat Penny” because the reverse featured two stalks of wheat. The Wheat Cent design was minted until 1958 when the reverse was changed to feature the Memorial design. The Lincoln penny is now the longest-running design in the United States Mint history. Abraham Lincoln was the first historical figure to be featured on a U.S. coin when he was portrayed on the one-cent coin to commemorate his 100th birthday. The Lincoln penny was also the first U.S. cent to include the words "In God We Trust."

Brenner’s obverse design featured a portrait of Lincoln facing right, and the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”, for the first time on the cent. On the left was the word “LIBERTY”, with the date on the right. The reverse design showed two sheaves of wheat, one on either side, framing the inscriptions “ONE CENT, E PLURIBUS UNUM” (which means “one out of many”) and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

The first Lincoln pennies displayed the initials of the artist, “VDB” at the base of the reverse side. The 1909 VDB penny made its debut on August 2, 1909. On that day boys entrepreneurs with pockets full of shiny new pennies, became street corner coin dealers.

They offered three shiny new Lincoln pennies for a five cent nickel. However, there were massive public outcries that the “VDB” initials was a tasteless self-advertisement, which prompted the U.S. Mint to quickly remove the designer’s initials. Mint Production was stopped with only 484,000 coins struck at the San Francisco mint. As a result, the Lincoln S-VDB penny is one of the rarest and most coveted coin in the Wheat penny series.

The Lincoln cent was an instant success from the day it was released. People lined up for city blocks just to get a couple examples from their local banks. In fact, Lincoln pennies were already selling for more than face value in the weeks immediately after their release, and there simply weren’t enough available from banks and the U.S. Mint to satisfy the demand!

-Isaac Jones


but here are a few of the sites that i used for the statsics;





Level 3

E PLURIBUS UNUM actually means “out of many, one” but great research and interesting story. User.


Level 4

well same words just different arrangement,...


Level 6

Nicely done and well researched. I am a huge cent fan..

Just Mokie

Level 5

I still think the Lincoln Cent in all its iterations is one of the best American coins. I am so glad the have kept it going for over one hundred years now with just some reverse changes to keep it interesting. Thanks for your interesting blog.


Level 4

yes me too!

Mike B

Level 6

I also believe In God We Trust Was Put on The Two cent piece first I own a 1836 two cent coin we used on the reverse it says in God we trust. I know some call them penny's but there name is cent. Penny was started by the Brutish. They were called penny black and that were the stamp started.


Level 3

Good analysis. Wheat cents seem to play a major role in attracting new collectors to the hobby.


Level 4

yes very true for they are still pretty easy to find!


Level 5

Liked your research. Keep it up, it will the hobby more enjoyable.


Level 4

Sounds pretty good to me!


Level 5

A couple of slight corrections. The name "Wheat Cent" was not used before 1959 when the "Memorial Cents" were issued. Prior to that these were called "Lincoln Cents. As far as "first historical figure on a US Coin." That would be true with the addition of "made for circulating." Washington, Lafayette and Isabella were featured on earlier commemorative coins.


Level 4

thats true! thanks for the correction. I guess that would be true as there was not any other type of lincoln cent!

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