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02 May 2022

Free Appraisal Night for National Coin Week

| Al Raddi

The Huron Valley Numismatic Society of Highland, MI conducted a free Appraisal Night at the public library in Milford, MI as part of its National Coin Week activities. The event was well publicized in the library's newsletter, local newspapers and on Facebook groups. Sixty-five people brought items to be appraised at the two-and-a-half-hour event, and the 11 club member appraisers saw some nice items, such as: American colonial coins, U.S. and world gold coins, a complete set of XF Indian Head cents, and a BU 1921 Canadian Quarter. They also saw a lot of common foreign coins and banknotes as well as plenty of well-worn U.S. silver coins with interesting family stories behind them.



Level 4

What a way to get the public’s interest stirring about the world of numismatics. I’m sure some were quite surprised by the amount of people who had been holding on to coins and currency. This event also allowed others to get an idea how much the things they’ve been holding onto is worth. Bravo to your club,l; the event sounds like it generated much interest and curiosity, and that’s how we grow the community.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great event and information, a great inspiration for numismatists. Thank you for bringing this activity up.

It's Mokie

Level 6

What a wonderful way to outreach and find some future collectors. The North Hills Coin Club here in the Pittsburgh area does something similar, I wish my South Hills or Western Pennsylvania clubs did the same thing. Maybe time to make a strong suggestion.


Level 6

Cool. I am so jealous of you being able to have that. What a gift no a days. No clubs near me but I am a proud member of the zoom Madison Coin Club. Thanks.


Level 5

Did you get a pictures of that XF-40 1877 Indian? Probably a beauty!

Al Raddi

Level 4

Opps. I should have said a complete set of XF Indian Head cents - except for the 1877.


Level 6

That's great! Sounds like a really nice coin club! ; )


Level 7

That was nice of them. You got to see some nice coins. It was good they appraised them for your guys. Sounds like a very nice club!! Good for you!! Mike

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