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27 Mar 2018

A Selection of US Medals from WW1

| ChildOfTheWheat

Today I will be sharing a few special medals in my collection. These were awarded for actions nearly 100 years ago during the Great War. The Purple Heart and Silver Star medals as we know them today were created in 1932, but the Purple Heart is retroactive to the start of WW1 and the Silver Star, even beyond that. During WW1, the Citation Star, a silver star worn on the Victory Medal, was authorized for acts of heroism not distinguished enough for the Medal of Honor or Distinguished Service Cross. I am honored to own two WW1 Silver Stars and three WW1 Purple Hearts. I will be sharing on of each with you today.

22 Dec 2015

Now is the Time to CRH!

Coins-United States | ChildOfTheWheat

As the holidays draw nearer, more and more people are turning in their change jars at the bank to pay for christmas gifts. Unfortunelty, these people could be trading in old collections, hoards, or silver stockpiles for face at their banks. Since soooo many people are spending these collectable coins during this time, it is easier now more than ever to find ultra rare coins. Fortunately, many of these coins are recovered quickly by us numismatists. It is our job as coin collectors to preserve the history in these coins that we are trusted to care for. That being said, you should go down to your local bank RIGHT NOW and get a box of cents, nickels, dimes, or what ever! Go, get the bag of ikes! What are you doing here! Just do it!

27 Oct 2015

Awesome Pickups from my Local Coin Club Action!

Coins | ChildOfTheWheat

Hello once again everyone! I recently scored big time at the Omaha Coin Club's 930th meeting, which also happened to be live auction night. The item I wanted to buy, a VF-25 ish 1835 half cent, was auctioned off just as I was checking my phone. The coin ended up not selling, even though the minimum bid was $20. I blame my friend. But anyways, lets take a look at what I got. First off, I was able to snag a small bag of five (5) barber quarters, all in AG-G (no details coins) from the 1890's... The dates were fairly decent, but nothing major. I believe it had the following dates: 1892, 1897 (2x), 1898, and 1899. No mintmarks, but some nice coins! The price for all five was $26. Now the best score of the night was my first ever 40% silver Eisenhower dollar. I have been meaning to pick one up, but I keep procrastinating. It is sealed in the OGP, and looks really nice. It still even has the COA! Anyways, the meeting was fun and the auction was even more fun! The one thing that I regret is that I did not buy a lot of things!

27 Sep 2015

My Homestead DDR-004 in the Numismatic News!

Coins-United States | ChildOfTheWheat

Some of you may remember WAY back when the Numismatic News featured a story about the discovery about the Homestead DDR's, and how Steve Attwood from the Coin Community Forum found some of the more major ones. Well, i have the satisfaction of being included in that article! Earlier that month, i was lucky enough to get out of school and drive down to Beatrice to be at the launch ceremony of the Homestead Quarter. Well, they said that the YN's that WERENT school kids from the schools that were visiting today (meaning people out of town, this is where the Numismatic News got it wrong) got a free coin in a little plastic holder. These were the only "P" minted coins given out that day, and literally only 15-20 were given out (to my knowledge). I got one! Anyways, about 2 or 3 weeks after i got the coin (and 2 rolls of D mint quarters) steve posted on Coin Community about his finds. I immediately went to my room and, sure enough, my coin was a DDR-004! Here is the link to the Numismatic News' article:http://www.numismaticnews.net/article/new-doubled-die-quarter-discovered

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