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13 Mar 2016

New Coins

| #1coiner

Hi everybody, i would just like to update you on my collection. My latest addition to my colliction is a 2 dollar bill from Canada. It was in my grandmothers attic and in CU, or crisp uncirculated condition



Level 6

That's a pretty note! Grandmother's attic's are a great place to find treasures!


Level 6

That's a beautiful note. a lot of people would look down on the folds. I personally like them. I think it makes the note more interesting. Unless, of course, it's a high dollar note. Canada has beautiful currency.


Level 7

It looks nice. I hope it's a cu but I see a round edges,a fold and a few tears. The fold seems to be through the N. I'm only looking at a picture. Someone has to see it it there hand to make a good judgement. Lots of luck with it Mike.


Level 5

Nice looking currency (hopefully the photo is a replica you found on the Internet as it is not a CU).

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