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13 Sep 2016

What I came acrossed...

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Recently I was dispenced a 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar coin. However, his portrait was a pearl hollogram. I've searched for any info regarding the existence of this coin but have came up empty handed. If anyone has any info about this coin Please enlighten me. Much Thanks and Appreciation! 



Level 5

It looks like a third party handy-work (added post mint release). Cool find though!


Level 2

Thank you for the responses. Much grateful for all ur help with this. It has a pearl tint to it but still kept me questionable. Well, no big loss, it was part of my change from a coke machine.


Level 7

I'm sorry but I have to agree it looks painted. Might have been something before but the paint looks like it's in a nother spot.


Level 5

Glad you posted a picture, Looks painted on to me. Certainly not a mint product.

Could it be a pearl paint?


Level 5

it was probably messed around with by a 3rd party or a random person

Could be colorized.


Level 4

Could you please post a photo?

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