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05 Jan 2015


Coins | user_5329

Can someone recommend an app that allows for convenient inventorying of a collection?



Level 7

In use good old pen nd paper and a book. When page is filled I make a copy and in the safe it goes. Computers have a way of looking information even with back up. The worse part is someone can hack you and clean you out. Everything goes on today you have to be careful. Mike


Level 5

Spreadsheets are what I use.


Level 6

I had a computer geek friend write a simple Excel word program for me. I also still use an old fashion pen and paper inventory form I got from http://www.numismaticcrimes.org/. They have great forms for free.

I use a printed version of tables to keep track of my inv.


Level 4

That right, old fashion paper and computer work does great.


Level 6

I'm old-fashioned (no apps) but for me, I just made up a template with the "coin" info I wanted to be listed, on my "desk top/word program"...works great for me.

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