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25 May 2019

Coin Show Tips

Coin Shows | user_55042

Hello everyone, if you are planning on going to a coin show at all in the future, I recommend you read this.Coin shows are very fun to go to and if you are looking to buy anything from numismatics to bullion coin shows have really good deals to buy that stuff. I am going to tell you some coin show tips.The first thing is that when you are looking through a dealers coins, never put your hands by your pockets or bags because they might think you are stealing their stuff. Also don't put your bags on your lap, put them behind or underneath your chair. If you are looking through coins make sure to remember what came from what box and put the ones you don't want in the right place. Another thing to keep away from the table is your books or checklists because people can slip coins into them. When handling coins always handle them like they are yours; carefully and by the edges.Now that you know your coin show etiquette I'm going to teach you some ways to get good coins for good prices. The first thing you need to do before the coin show is study. You need to study as much about numismatics as you can. Know the the price you want to pay for different coins and know the key dates. If you know all of that you will be able to buy good things, and if you want, make money on them. If you see a bin of junk silver, search through it for good coins that are worth the price. Also, ask dealers if they have a "sale" or "bargain" bin (most have them). If they have it, search through it and try to find something that is worth more than what you are going to pay for. Also at coin shows, you can always make the dealers an offer on their things sometimes they will agree or maybe bring the price down to what they want.
Next, it's time for what you should bring. This is mainly for big coin shows but bring good walking shoes, you will be walking a lot. Bring lots of cash because if yo don't you will be wishing you did. Also if you have things that you want to buy specifically, make a list and bring it. Something that you will really need, is a magnifying glass/ loup.If you have a coin that yo want to sell or figure out the value of, bring it to a coin show. The people there are really nice and will help value your coin. Some people will even buy the coin (look for tables with "buying" signs.The next time you go to a coin show, remember these tips and have fun.


An additional point when looking for better prices, the more coins you can buy from a single dealer, the more willing they may be to give a better deal for the lot. At shows the dealers are happier to sell 10 cons at 90% of tag than 1 con at 95%.


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All great tips and ideas! Cash talks for sure, but go with a budget in mind. ; )


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All great ideas thanks . And take time to see the sites of were your are. Or a lecture if they have one. But if your buying raw coins be very careful counterfeiters. Yes they have them at shows also. And don't forget to eat!!

Bringing actual cash is a good point. Not all dealers accept debit transactions.

very good advice. I will remember the applicable ones for small shows, as I am going to one soon. Thanks

It's Mokie

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Bring snacks and hydrate (even a camelback is not out of the question) frequently, those shows are held in halls with expensive concessions so bring along some granola bars or raisins or some other easy portable food item. Maybe bring a backpack to hold any free magazines, books, or other things that are usually available at larger shows. Finally, if requesting a discount, politely ask the dealer what the best price they can offer for the item. If they already have it priced that way, they will tell you, otherwise you might save a few bucks to spend at another table.


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Yea Thanks for adding that I totally forgot to put that


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Very good tips. Coin shows can be very rewarding.


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Good tips all. Cash talks. So does good manners. Don't offer what you know is a ridiculous amount. It's insulting and you can kiss that coin goodbye. Have fun and learn. Most dealers are happy to share some of their knowledge if they are treated with respect. Thanks.

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