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02 Sep 2018

Book Review: The Art Of Money By David Standish

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David Standish, a former contributor to many prominent publishings (including the Smithsonian) has written an interesting book on paper money. Paper money has been a canvas for many designers of many countries for many years. This book highlights the masterful artwork that designers of paper money have done for many years. This book is your one stop shop for designs of paper money. Want to see paper money with trains? It has it. Want to see paper money with birds? It has it. Just want to see some regular people on currency for a change? It has that too! This book is a great reference for the artistic part that paper money has. I’ll finish with an Amazon review from a verified purchaser:

“It's a wonderful book, and one of those that are a joy to read. While it isn't an 'expert' book on money, it is a book that can give the reader an introduction to the paper money of the world, and the wide variety of subject material used by the nations. However - the photographic material would alone make this a good book to own. In a word - beautiful. Clearly, care was given to produce a book on money's design around the world that will get your attention - and keep it.

If you are interested in money and its design - this is a wonderful book to have in your library.”

~5 Stars

So I agree with this review. This isn’t a ‘expert’ book, but it is a fun book to sit down and flip through the pages. For that, I give this book 4 ½ stars (Because few books are perfect).

Conclusion: 4 ½ Stars Out Of 5



Level 6

I must check this out. I was never that involved w/paper money.


Level 5

I have a copy of this. It is an attractive book that gives a good overview of currency.


Level 6

Sounds like a good book.


Level 6

Sounds like it's worth looking into. Thanks.


Level 6

This sounds like a good book. Designs on currency can be so ornate and beautiful. Thanks for the review!

Yeah, sounds like a very prominent author really researched and made this book the best possible, unlike coins, paper money allow a larger area to design an detail


Level 7

If I collected that much currency I would probably look into it. I like the confederate T-1 to 72. I like those designs. And a few horse blankets. It sounds good. If I do collect more this would be the book. Thanks. Mike.

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