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28 Aug 2014

Little to do about coins part 2... Part 1 is lost for ever

Coins | Cmower

Well I messed that up. Maybe I will fill this spot with something more interesting. 



Level 7

Stay with coins you make money instead of throwing it away.


Level 2

Blogs and mobile devices aren't friends so I had to delete over my older post


Level 6

I love the drug conentation. Numismatics definetly does "creap into your mind". I bet if the question was posed as to "Did anyone help you get involved in coins and what was that coin?", the major answer would be Grandpa and the coin would be Morgans!


Level 2

Thank the gods for grandfathers!


Level 5

At least with our addiction, we still hold the money we spent. That truly is a bright side of the Hobby of Kings (Queens in Amanda's case)... In case anyone is looking to rationalize overspending :)

Amanda Varner

Level 4

Haha, the use of the term "gateway drug" is so true. Numismatics: the opiate of the educated man. :)


Level 2

That's what I like to think of myself as anyway


Level 5

But you're better off addicted to coins than anything else!


Level 4

Very true 9998!! But you can still spend a lot of money! lol

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