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29 Jan 2022

Working On a Mystery Without Any Clues: Eisenhower Medals?

Medals | I. R. Bama

So I'm doing my night moves on these two tokens that I recently got from my Mother. I get tons of Kennedy Halfs and other interesting coins and tokens from her because she is elderly, and everybody wants to dun her for money. But my Mom is sharp and I don't worry about her getting taken.

06 Jan 2022

Coin Collector: A Literature Review

ANA Library | I. R. Bama

Last month I went to the bookstore and checked out the coin magazines. I saw this magazine I had never seen before called Coin Collector and it is a British Coin magazine. It appears to be published quarterly. They also have a website www.allaboutcoins.co.uk

05 Jan 2022

A Blues Song and an Announcement

Numismatic Artistry | I. R. Bama

I was listening to David Bromberg singing " The Walking Blues" last weekend and came up with this inspiration. Hope you like it Sky Blue Note!

03 Jan 2022

My Retirement Presents Part III: 1803 Half Dollar

Coins-United States | I. R. Bama

It has been a long time since part II of this series and here is the third and last. I saved the best for last! And it's a nice one too. A nice winter snowstorm is giving me some time off and I will take advantage of that.

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