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29 Jul 2021

Meet Jennie Norris, AGE Reverse Coin Design Artist

| I. R. Bama

This should have been in my last blog but I didn't think of including more information about the artist who created the design of the reverse Type II AGE's.

I had more time today and did a little research on her. Wow! I am so glad I did.She works in graphite and liquid graphite. Y'all must simply see her artistry. Her depictions of wildlife are so beautiful!

A resident of Tucson AZ, she has also been a wildlife rehabilitator and a portion of her earnings are donated to wildlife conservation charities.

Please enjoy her artistry at this website: https://Jennienorris.net Seeing her work was the unexpected joy of my day today!



Level 6

This is such a great blog! Her web-site is amazing! ; )


Level 5

I received one of my type II ASE's yesterday and also agree that she's a very talented individual. Thanks for sharing Bama!

Long Beard

Level 5

If only the Mint would do a complete redesign of our hideous coinage. She would definitely have my vote for an eagle on our coin again.


Level 6

Thanks IRB, I am expecting a type 2 from Modern Coin Mart soon, can't wait to see her artistry up close and in three dimensions.


Level 5

Very talented person


Level 5

Very talented. Wish I had a skill like hers. Very impressive what she does.


Level 7

Thanks in the info on this wonderful woman. I'm glad to know about her .I can imagine the work and has done. Thanks again.


Level 6

Bama, boy you aren't just a kidding. Her work is amazing. As a fellow desert dweller, albite the Mojave and not her Sonora, I feel qualified in saying she has succeeded in capturing the mystery that resides here. I was aware of her raptor work but this is crazy. Hers is the only signed, graded label for her AGE that I would consider buying. Thanks, I going to check out her site some more.

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