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17 Mar 2021

2021 Guide book for United States Coin – 74th Edition - By R.S.Yeoman – Book Review

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Wonderful Classic Guide!!!

The Red Book is a wonderful classic guide of the United States coins. It talks about all sorts of coins from, half cents all the way to proof sets. It is a great resource to find out the value of a U.S. coin in your collection. It has a few pages that talks about numismatic facts. It mostly a reference book to find the value of the collectable coins. It has 462 labeled pages, about commemorative, proof, large cents, small cents, silver dollars, gold coins, etc. Here is an example of values stated in Red book. A 1993-D dime is worth 2 dollars in mint state 65 while a 1793 Liberty Cap large cent is worth 115,000 dollar in extremely fine 40. It is a good guide to skim through but do not read it all at once. Use it when you need to find the value of a coin.



Level 5

Its the numismatic bible! Thanks!


Level 6

The Red Book is a must for the coin collector. Be careful when researching the value of a coin as prices are always changing up. Great blog! ; )


Level 6

Not a good book for pricing in my opinion. Way outdated for that. This is a reference book. A great reference book. Give it another look with that in min. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Those guides are about the last place where I would get a price for a coin. They only publish once a year. PCGS has an app that gives you up to date retail prices and I also like the green sheet to find out the wholesale price, the goal being to find a price point between vendor and buyer that allows for a modest profit for the vendor and modest profit for the buyer


Level 5

Red books are the book to have. Mega red is great. But there is a lot of information out there on coins.


Level 6

By far the best book for anyone's beginning numismatic library and indispensable regardless of your level of numismatic experience. I Love the Red Book.


Level 5

I have one and I absolutely love it! Nice review!


Level 5

Better than the Red Book is the 1,500 Mega Red, an opus of grand magnitude. I recommend that over the small red for beginners. One copy is all you need. Books-A-Million has 3rd editions on clear out all the time for 15 bucks. Don't read it all at once. Fodder

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