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29 Mar 2021

A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents by Q. David Bowers - Book review

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A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents byQ. David Bowers- Book review

This book, as the title suggests has detailed information of the American Lincoln cents made from 1900 to the latest coins. Under each year, there is details on the number of coins minted, the mint name, etc. There is plenty of color photographs, making the book much more appealing. Under each year, we can also find details of the error coins and detail on how to identify the mint error. The book also discusses on the Lincoln cent designs, the process of coin minting and coin grading in general. This book can also be used as a reference book to access the value of the coins a collector owns. This book is 320 pages in length, and it very informative for a beginner. One fun fact I learnt is that the composition of the cent changes over time. Since the mid of 1982, the cent is made of copper plated zinc.



Level 5

Thanks for the review - it sounds like the photos would be great to see.


Level 5

Lincoln cents are my favorite, and Bowers is another of my favorites! A must have for sure!


Level 7

After 27 years of collecting most of my books are gone. Face it they take up allot of room. . So some went to the library. Some they didn't want. Thanks for the blog

It's Mokie

Level 6

It is in my library, it should be in the library of any Lincoln Cent collector.


Level 6

Any book by Bowers is pretty much bound to be a good one. Are you a cent collector? Thanks, I hope you learned from this book.


Level 4

I collect all types of coins that I could.


Level 6

Thanks for the review! ; )


Level 5

Nice book if you collect Lincoln cents.

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