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27 Feb 2021

Lots and lots of Coins By Margarette S. Reid - Book Review

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A very good book for beginners!

This is an interesting and funny book for children. The narration of the book is about a boy who does coin collection with his dad.

To begin with, it talks about some things people used to use as money such as camels, tea leaves, cowrie shells, salt, etc. It then talks about coins from around the world, the different materials used to make coin (copper, aluminum, gold, silver, electrum, tin). It also talks about the different types of US coins, coin rubbings.

It discusses about few commemorative nickels such as “Westward Journey Keelboat Nickel”. It shows how Lewis and Clark travelled by Keelboat to explore the west. It also talks about “Westward Journey Peace medal”. It shows the peace medal they gave to the Indian people they met. It also talks about two dollar coins. The first one is the Sacagawea golden dollar and the other one is the Susan B Anthony dollar.

Overall a good book for beginners.



Level 5

Seems like a good book, but US MInt plug at the same time.


Level 5

Sounds like a great read, if you keep this up, you'll know everything there is to know lol!


Level 6

Looks like a good book for beginners. Thanks for the review! ; )


Level 5

Sounds like a good early beginner book.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like a good book for a beginner. Thanks for reviewing it, I'll keep it in mind for others new to the hobby


Level 5

Books have a way of grabbing a young persons attention, I can still remember a couple of books that inspired me over 50 years ago. Nice review and blog!


Level 5

Nice book. Thanks for the review. Beginners need a good start.

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