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25 Apr 2021

New Successful Coin Hunting - Charles L Garrett - Book Review

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New Successful Coin Hunting - Charles L Garrett-Book Review
The book says that it discusses newer ways to detect coins using a metal detector but the book itself is outdated as it was published in the year1989. It does have information that is appropriate till date. This book is a revised version which includes information on computerized detectors. There are tips on what are the do’s and don’t of coin hunting using metal detectors. There is a section on how to find out where to look for coins, how to locate gold coins. The author talks about finding more coins with less effort. The book has general information with 260 pages and this book is suitable for a beginner collector as well. From the read, the author Charles L Garrett appears to be well known among coin hunters and there is a personal brand of metal detector known by his name. Overall, this book is an easy and informative read.



Level 4

Interesting way to pursue the hobby.

Long Beard

Level 5

That might just be a book for myself. I bought a cheap, detectable-wise, Bounty Hunter many years ago knowing little about them and gave up. My nephew recently got me interested, or at least considering it, in buying a better quality Whites. As an archeological researcher for the neighboring county it is one he uses.

C.D. Harrell

Level 3

Thanks for the review. What is your favorite coin that you found metal detecting ?


Level 4

I haven't done metal detecting so far


Level 6

Sounds like fun. Thanks for the review. ; )

Sounds useful. I don't have a metal detector, but I want one!


Level 5

I love metal detecting. It is the uncertainty of what you are going to pull out of the ground that keeps you going! I might check out this book as well.


Level 5

Metal detector hobby is really fun. Finding locations where you can do it is a challenge. Had a detector as a kid. Found some change and junk. Fun time searching for riches!

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