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31 Mar 2021

The Coin Collector's Survival Manual by Scott A. Travers - Book Review

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The Coin Collector's Survival Manual by - Book Review

I picked this book up from the local library and it is truly informative. For those new as a beginner collector or for those with few years of experience, the book provides helpful information in learning about coin collecting. The book talks about how to grade coins, what details to look for while purchasing coins and what to do to avoid counterfeits. The many different pictures through out the book also help understand how to identify error coins and what their values are. The author cautions about purchasing coins via internet, tv and how to identify artificial toning, new coins being sold as rare, false grading, etc. The book also covers the topic of purchasing highly worth coins such as the gold coins, etc. Overall, it is a good read and a well written book in my opinion. One take away is that before investing in coins, we need to learn a lot.


I should read it. Thanks for the blog.


Level 5

Sounds like it has a lot of tips for beginners.


Level 5

I might look into this one... Thanks!


Level 7

I understand that the library is open again. Is that true.? I hope o. Some of the books are expensive to buy. So if it's open I would use that.

A great book because you can never know too much. Something I remember from it was "A $100 coin is easier to sell than a $1000 coin."


Level 6

Interesting. Thanks for the review! ; )


Level 4



Level 6

I believe you got the message. Knowledge is power. Well done. Thanks.


Level 5

Interesting read. Very useful.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I had a copy many years ago, is it still being updated? Got to be 30 years ago.

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