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25 Apr 2021

The Metal Detecting Bible by Brandon Neice - Book Review

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I got interested in this book by watching a video of treasure hunting using a metal detector. This book talks about how to choose the best metal detector, and the author has suggestions on how to choose where to do the search for old coins and why certain locations are better. Such searches in the past have helped discover ancient and early american coins, old jewelry, utensils, and other artifacts. The book suggests how to safely clean the old coins and store them away from the environment. There are tips on how one could sell the finds.

The book has 128 pages. The author has good knowledge on the topic and the explanations are detailed. The book has many pictures and it is useful. The author suggests that the user needs to understand the detector they use. This book is for those who are serious about treasure hunting. This is one way to earn some interesting coins.



Level 4

Interesting if not very time consuming.


Level 4

Nice book report! I will definitely have to get a copy of the book

C.D. Harrell

Level 3

Cant go wrong with the Garrett AT Pro!


Level 7

I was walking my dog and my ring fell of my finger. Diamonds and gold. I was sick. My friend had a metal detector walked were I did and found it in the grass!!


Level 6

I have my metal detector hanging in my ex wife's shed, gotta go rescue it someday soon.


Level 6

Metal detecting sounds like a kick! Thanks for the review. ; )


Level 6

Does the book have any hints on what to do with all the old, rusty nails I might find? It sounds like a good book for potential detectors. Thanks.


Level 5

I have also considered this. It does sound interesting and thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the blog!


Level 5

Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Would like to metal detect if I had the time and locations. Searching for riches is a good time.

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