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20 Aug 2018

Reasons to get Connected to the Coin Community

| 20XX

Hey everyone, today I wanted to discuss how important it can be to become connected to other coin collectors.  First of all, becoming acquainted with local dealers can allow for loads of helpful advice and (sometimes) small discounts for the younger collectors.  Not only that, but these dealers are almost always more trustworthy than online sellers who are often looking to scam buyers with low skill or knowledge.  Interaction at coin clubs can also be very helpful, as members can trade coins and information between each other, as well as possibly finding great friends.  Overall, the coin collector who fails to take advantage of local numismatists misses out on so much opportunity for enrichment in the diverse world of coin collecting.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Here is a good idea ... Write more and become more engaged with us. I've been doing exactly that and it has really paid off. Tell us about the coins you have and what you want to get into. Read up and educate us too. We all always enjoy that!



Level 6

Good blog! This is a great site to meet fellow coin collectors and get information.


Level 7

If you buy on eBay read the feedback. There are good sellers on eBay you have to find them. Those with hundred and those with thousands of sales and have no complaints are usually good. Send a message first introduced yourself and say it's nice to find an honest seller . They app that. You won't have a problem..Mike.


Level 4

Outstanding piece! I've been collecting for 55 years. My first coin (5 are tied for the honor) is a 1963 U.S. Mint proof set. I do still have it. My father had extolled the wonders of proof coins, because one of his employees collected coins. The package with 5 brown envelopes arrived and both my father and I must have been obviously less impressed than our fiend had hoped. He said to hold on. In a few days, he arrived with a Capital Plastics proof set holder. With utmost care, we watched as that man, with the care of a surgeon, carefully opened one of the five sets and placed each coin in the holder. That 1963 Capital Plastics ensconced proof set is among my most valued possessions. It has survived through two marriages and divorces, the death of both my parents, the last one just a year ago - my mentor, my father, and my clumsy attempts to pass on the hobby I love to my own son, a stout young man of 23 with one of the finest Soviet Union coin collections I have ever seen. He became an ANA certified exhibit judge at age 20, in European coins. I'm so proud, I could just about burst.


Level 6

Great advise!! My local dealer has been giving myself and my wife a nice discount for years. Once you go in enough times and ask enough good questions they figure you want to learn. Good dealers, in my experience, want to share their knowledge with "worthy" customers. Might even start mentoring you, as Mike says. Try the ANA correspondence classes. I took them and learned a ton. The first thing they do is assign a mentor to you.


Level 6

Good advice. It is nice to have a network of coin collecting friends and places to learn about the hobby.


Level 6

That's what this site is for!


Level 5

Sound advice for everyone. No matter your age or experience everybody can benefit from having friends in the community.


Level 7

Good advice. Also a mentor. Someone who has been collecting for a long time and knows his or her stuff. I had one got me off to a great start over twenty four years ago. Great advice I hope they use it. Mike.


Level 2


Nice blog.

Come for the history, stay for the community.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I like my coin club. Every meeting it seems like I get free coins. They also have auctions and presentations and competitions.

That's very true. I found a great coin shop, and they gave me some discounts

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