My Coin Collection at the Moment

16 Aug 2018

My coin collection right now is completely silver coins right now, because that's all I collect, really.
Right now, it is comprised of a 2018 non-slabbed ms-67+ Silver Eagle, an ms-64 1941 Walking Liberty half dollar (love that design), and 10 different silver Roosevelt dimes, mainly for their silver value. And that's about it right now. As far as the future, I want to acquire more silver halves and dollars.



Level 7

Welcome. Silver is great. Try to diversify your coll e tion with different coins including your silver it helps the value of your collection Enjoy your collecting have fun.

Silver's always good to collect

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Sounds like a nice collection!


Level 6

I love silver too! The Walker is a great design! Good luck in your collecting.


Level 6

You have good taste. Welcome!


Level 6

You have good taste. Welcome!


Level 2

By the way, thank you so much for taking the time to view this!!!

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