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14 Sep 2019

What to Collect?

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What To Collect?

A Numismatic Article by Truman Jarmusch

If you are new to coin collecting, you might not know what to collect. There are many different types of coins to collect, such as domestic coins, which include U.S. coins, commemorative coins, and proofs, or even foreign coins. Hopefully this article will help you determine which coins are best for you.

U.S. coins are a good place to start. There are so many coins to choose from. For example, there are Buffalo Nickels, Silver Quarters, Wheat Pennies, Benjamin Franklin Half-Dollars, and many more. You can get some U.S. coins by finding them on the ground or by buying them. I like to collect U.S. coins because you can learn a lot of U.S. history from them. For example, if I compare the 1937 Buffalo Nickel to a 2019 nickel, the Buffalo Nickel will be much more worn out because it is so old and has been in circulation for a longer time. (Sometimes I like to imagine who might have held this old coin many, many years before I ever held it.) It also has the image of the buffalo on it, which shows the importance this large animal has had in our culture and history. I just love those differences. I would recommend using a coin album to store your U.S. coins because you can see your U.S. coins safely all the time.

Commemorative coins are used to remember a great moment. They can commemorate many historical moments, like the Olympics or Apollo 11. If you enjoy history, commemoratives may be best for you.

Proofs are coins meant to be souvenirs, displayed, collected, or used for numismatic purposes. They are normal U.S. coins, just in uncirculated condition, which means the coins look to be in perfect condition and have not been handled by human hands in the economy.

Foreign coins, or coins from a different country, are exceptional coins to collect because they represent a piece of their culture. Most currency has images or phrases important to that country. For example, the U.S. has coins with our national bird, the bald eagle, and many important figures from our history. With each foreign coin, you can learn about their specific culture, important people, and even some of their language. You learn what that country values and that is truly a gift, especially when looking at coins from across the globe. I collect foreign coins because I enjoy learning about other countries. If you want to collect foreign coins, you can ask someone who is traveling to a different country to bring you some or travel yourself.

Of all the things to collect, coin collecting is one of the best. Coin collecting allows you to travel back through history and view how your country has grown, and it also allows you to experience cultures from across the globe. So keep your eyes peeled-- because you never know when you might run across another coin to add to your growing collection.



Level 5

Well put, my wife says she loves to see my eyes light up and my voice go to a different timbre when I start talking about my next acquisition. If I've learned anything from all of you....collect what you like ! I get the enjoyment of collections I would never have or see thanks to reading the blogs & posts from all of you. Thanks!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

What do you like to collect?


Level 7

One of our sayings here is to collect what you want. Don't ever let anyone tell you what to collect. You will enjoy your choose more.


Level 6

Very nice blog. You have gone over some great reasons to collect different types. It eventually comes down to what you like. Have fun and learn. Thanks.


Level 5

Whatever you decide to collect it will often turn into a life-time passion. I started as a YN with US type coins. Today in my retirement I still add new coins to my type set. My love of history and allegories has led to other collecting passions as I grew in the hobby. Today my collecting focus is on a particular designer. What started with type collecting has blossomed into a personal collection of coins from every corner of the globe, tokens, ancients, and medals! Oh BTW, when I was in the US Navy, I collected world coins from every port I visited. When we pulled into Hawaii I purchased a WWII Hawaii $1 note at a local Hawaiian coin store. I do collect some paper money but my collection is very limited to notes that are in some way significant to me.


Level 4

All good things to collect!


Level 5

Nice thoughts.


Level 6

Great blog with some good points! Thanks for your research! ; )


Level 6

These are Excellent reasons to pursue this great hobby, Thanks for a well crafted summary.

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