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11 Jul 2021

The Widows Mite

| ClassicalNumismatist

In the Bible, there is the story of the Widows Mite. Mark 12:41 "He sat down opposite the treasury, and watched the crowd putting money into the treasury. Many rich people put in large sums. A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which are worth a penny. Then he called to his disciples and said to them, "Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on." -RSV-CE. Many believe the Widows Mite coin to be the lepton (meaning small or thin). They were minted by King Alexander Jannaeus of Judah from 103-76 BC. Two leptons were worth a quadrans, the smallest coin of the empire, and the lepton was the least valuable coin circulated in Judah. The word "mite" did not exist when these coins circulated. "Mite" means "small cut piece" in Old Dutch and came into being in 1300s Flanders. It was first used in the KJV bible which spread its popularity beginning in 1611. In addition, a lepton was equal to one-half of a Prutah, a bronze coin the size of a small fingernail. Of the prutah and lepton issued by King Alexander Jannaeus, the most common ones had on the obverse an anchor and "King Jannaeus" in Greek, while the reverse had a star with eight rays and sometimes Hebrew letters between the rays or on the rim. Researchers believe they were circulated widely and were plentiful at the time. They were minted around a century before the Widows Mite story.I know I've had this problem for years, but I do not have a way to put pictures on. If anyone could give some help that would be appreciated.Thank you

07 Jan 2021

Community numismatic newspaper/blog

| ClassicalNumismatist

So I just came up with an idea. I'm thinking of a monthly numismatic publication that will be posted in the blogs section. It will be made by the community and it will hold general knowledge, monthly news, new coins you'd like to share or completion of a set, humor and all sorts of other stuff. You just send me stuff you'd like to put in and i will. Like the numismatist but made by the ANA community instead of the ANA itself. Like I said it will be a monthly publication and community run. I think it's a nice idea, what about you guys?

07 Jan 2021

My Arnold Palmer Medal

| ClassicalNumismatist

Since Bignub is doing a post on his medal i better do one on mine! I wont have pictures since i still haven't figured this thing out after 2 years and since im in Florida.The Arnold Palmer medal: The Palmer medal was made as an exact replica of the congressional gold medal given to him. His feats include a patriot award, golden plate award and the US navy lone sailor award. And his service to the US while being in the coast guard for 3 years. Characteristics. Obverse: Picture of Arnold finishing his golf swing. Reverse: A pair of crossed golf clubs and a ball on a tee. Obverse Inscription: ARNOLD D. PALMER. Reverse Inscriptions: IN RECOGNITION OF HIS SERVICE TO THE NATION IN PROMOTING EXCELLENCE AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, 92 PROFESSIONAL GOLF VICTORIES, 7 MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Artists: Obverse Don Everhart, Reverse Joseph Menna, Phebe Hemphill. Year of issue: 2009. Authorizing Legalization: Public law 111-65Credit: US mint website, my eyes

06 Jan 2021

Trying to figure out coin roll hunting!

| ClassicalNumismatist

Hey guys, been a bit. Happy new year! I'm thinking about taking up coin roll hunting. The problem is, I dont know anything about it. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do/what to look out for?

30 Sep 2020


| ClassicalNumismatist

Hey guy's it has been a bit since i have done anything. I think my last blog was a year ago! Jeez time flies. The world has changed a lot since i was last on. With the national protests, Covid, the November elections and the ensuing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. I hope you all have been alright and i send my prayer's to you. I have had a large change in me going from the 7 year old with horrible grammar (Im sure i still have bad grammar) to the mighty but not really, 5th grader in boy scouts being all manly and stuff. I am starting to have a spark of wanting to get more serious about our beloved hobby. My family has had a large move from Kentucky to Georgia just north of Atlanta. I hope that i can come back into the hobby and connect more with my fellow coin collectors and be re-accepted into the community. I am planning of over the next 60 years of my life to make a collection of early American federal coins. My focus will be around 1792 to 1912 as i see that time as one of the greatest. I am fascinated with the architecture and mostly the lives of the rich people and aristocrats like the Vanderbilts. And i want to preserve the knowledge and history of the great artists, thinkers and buisnessmen of that time. And how they shaped the economy and culture of the country we all know and love today. I give my thanks out to all the mentors of me about the hobby of numismatics and for some the career. I hope you all have a nice holiday season and a happy new year. PS. No more excuses i will try to start posting as much as i can get myself to.

22 Aug 2019

my pickups from the 2019 ana worlds fair of money

| ClassicalNumismatist

hey guys i just went to chicago to the 2019 ana worlds fair of money for my birthday and i did the treasure trivia and met rod gillis it may not be to big for you guys but hes my idle so lets get to the pickups i bought a 1888 new orleans morgan dollar and it was a ms 62. my biggest pickup was a 1824 capped bust dollar i think it is a double die so that one was a big one you guys may scream at me for this but i forgot to get deep dish pizza but i dont want this page to become the anas food review and also forgive me for the long wait and terrible punctuation i just dont have that much time since im in the 4th grade now so homework so thanks for reading and bye.

05 Jun 2019

coin adventures #2

| ClassicalNumismatist

hey guys so i just got some coins from my uncle he sent them today and its five 1965 quaters from the denver mint and theyre really nice i got them today from my uncle who is a coin collector and has a big collection a little larger than mine i think were the same size he just has rarer coins and also sorry i havent gotten to the collection tour it may not happen till next year and i dont know how to take pictures on my chromebook so unfortunatly no photo i will add it in another blog when i know how to work the camera on this thing bye

21 May 2019


| ClassicalNumismatist

hey guys i just want to say sorry cause i havent blogged in a while i have been fed up with golf and school and stuff so i havent been blogging in a while and also im sorry for my quality it sucks so i will be workin on that and look foward for summer because i will be bloging for the ana worlds fair of money and all the things in my coin life so look forward to that bye

28 Apr 2019

coin adventures #1

Coins | ClassicalNumismatist

so i never take a break off numismatics i went to arkansas and i got a 2019 liberty walking half and i got 1910 i forgot what it was i also got a lot of world coins cause my dads friend is in the airforce so hes been to a lot of places i got some coins from a country in the bahammas and some from england and canada coin adventures #1

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