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07 Jan 2021

My Arnold Palmer Medal

| ClassicalNumismatist

Since Bignub is doing a post on his medal i better do one on mine! I wont have pictures since i still haven't figured this thing out after 2 years and since im in Florida.
The Arnold Palmer medal: The Palmer medal was made as an exact replica of the congressional gold medal given to him. His feats include a patriot award, golden plate award and the US navy lone sailor award. And his service to the US while being in the coast guard for 3 years. Characteristics. Obverse: Picture of Arnold finishing his golf swing. Reverse: A pair of crossed golf clubs and a ball on a tee. Obverse Inscription: ARNOLD D. PALMER. Reverse Inscriptions: IN RECOGNITION OF HIS SERVICE TO THE NATION IN PROMOTING EXCELLENCE AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, 92 PROFESSIONAL GOLF VICTORIES, 7 MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Artists: Obverse Don Everhart, Reverse Joseph Menna, Phebe Hemphill. Year of issue: 2009. Authorizing Legalization: Public law 111-65
Credit: US mint website, my eyes



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Sounds very cool! ; )


Level 5

Palmer was definitely an old school Gentleman. He always carried himself with style. Neat, thanks for sharing.


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I was always a fan of his golf, and his Half and half rink was a regular at my house, but I never knew anything else about his life. Thanks for sharing!


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I hope you are having fun in the state of oranges! Ive never been into medals at all, but I know of Palmer! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!


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Arnold Palmer ! One of the greatest of all time. Maybe I can search for a pic of the medal. Must be a nice medal.

It is nice. Just look up Arnold Palmer copper medal

I. R. Bama

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Level 6

Sounds like a nice one. Get some of the other YN's to help you get a photo up. This blog needs one. Thanks.


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It sounds like a nice piece. You will figure it out. Then you can show this wonderful medal!!

It's Mokie

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Fun Fact: Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers went to the same High School, at the same time, in Latrobe PA. They were in different classes however and graduated a year apart. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-curious-bond-between-arnold-palmer-and-mister-rogers


Level 5

Nice medal!


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