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22 Aug 2019

my pickups from the 2019 ana worlds fair of money

| ClassicalNumismatist

hey guys i just went to chicago to the 2019 ana worlds fair of money for my birthday and i did the treasure trivia and met rod gillis it may not be to big for you guys but hes my idle so lets get to the pickups i bought a 1888 new orleans morgan dollar and it was a ms 62. my biggest pickup was a 1824 capped bust dollar i think it is a double die so that one was a big one you guys may scream at me for this but i forgot to get deep dish pizza but i dont want this page to become the anas food review and also forgive me for the long wait and terrible punctuation i just dont have that much time since im in the 4th grade now so homework so thanks for reading and bye.


Bro, I just tried to read this thing. I about suffocated lol!


Level 5

What a great time... Seriously, im super jealous. Cheers, NM

oh sorry guys just mokie pointed out that it was a half dollar and he is right thank you mokie


Level 6

Great pick up. New Orleans Morgan dollars are one of my favorites. They have a lot of beautifully toned ones out there. Meeting Rod Gillis is huge. Besides being a personal hero of yours. What a great birthday.. Happy Birthday and welcome to the fourth grade. Thanks.


Level 4

Sounds like a very productive pilgrimage!

So cool that you got to meet Mr. Gillis. A fun thing about the WFM is getting to meet big numismatists. Nice pickups! Don't worry about pizza, deep dish isn't as good as NY style anyways. Great way to celebrate a b-day! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs; remember though, school is always most important.


Level 6

It is nice to go to a large coin convention for your birthday. Nice pickups.


Level 5

Happy Birthday! I can see that it was a show for you to remember as it was for me. I am also happy bringing home new coins!


Level 6

What a fun Birthday! Sounds like you found some great coins! Thanks for sharing ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am assuming it was an 1824 Capped bust HALF Dollar or you just stumbled upon an undiscovered rarity. Seriously, you did a nice job describing your day but I DO like to hear about Pizza as Pizza and Coins are probably my two favorite things.


Level 7

Sounds like you had a great birthday. Happy Birthday. Nice coins you picked up and there is no Pizza like that in New York. The secret is the water the makes the dough!! Thanks

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