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16 Apr 2019

notre dame cathidrel

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yesterday tradgety struck notre dame cathidrel was set ablaze a.j. has already talked about it but it was bad a lot of history was destroyed prayers for the french that lost that cathedral with love.61574
let us have prayers no one was hurt



Level 5

Amen to that...


Level 7

Then when you write a blog on a place that has so much history write it. I'm writing one based on the 2013 anniversary of 850 years. I only write blogs on coins I own. It's taking time because there is history to tell.. That's how we learn and share and none of our blogs are copyrighted.

Even if they rebuild it, it will not be the same. All the history that was lost, so sad.


Level 6

I don't think it will ever be rebuilt to the original glory, sadly.

thanks pat


Level 6

If it's meant to be re-built then it will be. Pat is right, we will always have the history.


Level 7

Many of the relics and some important glass windows were saved. They are going to rebuild. Many things were in vaults. And we will always have the history.

this is not copywrite to aj sorry i had to say something about it


Level 4

thanks for pointing it out.

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