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01 Sep 2021

Some Carson City Variations

| Mr. Monetary

Carson City Morgan Dollars are some of the most widely collected coins today. Their distinctive history, plus an appealing design, make them highly valued to collectors. Among these coins are some notable variations: the 1879 CC, cc over cc, “Capped Die”, 1880/79 CC, and the 1900 O/CC.

The 1879 CC “Capped Die” variation gained its name from the rusty die used to mint it. This caused raised dimples to be present around the mintmark and other areas. It was also an over mintmark variety; the rust-dimples obscure much of the details, but the cc over cc is still able to be observed and identified. The prices range from $7,500 in MS-60, and can cost $16,000 and greater with an MS-63+ grading.

The 1880/79 CC variation features a normal obverse, except the “80” in 1880, is struck over a “79”. It is only one of two 1880 CC variations and much of its popularity is due to the irrefutable 8 over 7. The prices for these coins are fairly consistent ranging from $1000 in MS-62+ and $3,500 in MS-65+ gradings.

This variation is especially curious: the 1903 O/CC. The O is actually punched over a CC mint mark. Much speculation has been made over why this coin exists; Including the fact that the Carson City mint ceased production in 1893 and the literal distance between the Carson City mint and the New Orleans is around 2,000 miles. Aside from all the speculation, this coin isn’t particularly rare(At least when compared with other variations) and costs $1,000 - $2,500 in mint state.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you all have a great day.



Level 6

Gotta love those strikes from the CC Mint! ; )


Level 6

You're talking VAM's here. Everyone should have one Carson City Morgan. Preferably a GSA. Thanks, well done. I might as well hit you too, How about a photo? Thanks.


Level 7

Wish I could afford CC Dollars. I have allot of them but one CC.

It's Mokie

Level 6

CC dollars are the cream of the Morgan crop. I have one, I wish I could afford more. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Level 5

1903 O/CC. Would love to have one. Very interesting. I have a few Morgans.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Good info here, thank you!

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