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06 Jun 2018

NCS Conservation of South Korean Pieces

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Here's another video of me unboxing a World Coin submission to NGC.
This time, these pieces have had NCS Conservation...

South Korean 1998 500-Won coin:   Only 8,000 pieces minted.  The lowest mintage coin made as a business strike for South Korea.
South Korean 1975 Bank of Korea Medal:   The very first silver proof piece ever made in South Korea.




Level 6

Beautiful! and some nice grades too!

Mark Lovmo

Level 3

Yeah, not disappointed at all. I guessed the 500-Won would get a 67, as do most of the ones in NGC holders that I have seen. I only worried about the silver medal having too much surface haze to come out anything better that 66 (which would have been kind of a crap proof-grade), so the conservation was a good idea.


Level 6

Pretty coins. How about the reverse photos. Tell us a bit about them. Ant photos before Conservation? Thanks!

Mark Lovmo

Level 3

Both coins had an overall whitish "haze" to them. The 500-Won coin had some brown spotting and brown "smudges" on its reverse, too. It's all gone now! See the video to look at the reverses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dXfdacaj_g You can see the original reverse of the 500-Won coin here: http://www.dokdo-research.com/fivehundredwoncoindata.html

Mike B

Level 7

Never Sen coinage from Korea before it's beautiful if you have more write about them tells us the history it looks interesting. Mike.

Mark Lovmo

Level 3

Yes! I have written extensively about these coins, Pat. http://www.dokdo-research.com/koreancoins.html


Level 6

Nice, ultra cameo too!

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