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14 May 2021

Garfield Heights Coin Club Update for May 10, 2021

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Greetings Everyone,

The weather in Northern Ohio today has recovered from a miserable few days. Absolutely awful.It was snowing yesterday. which seems to have become a regular May occurrence.At least it didn’t stick.

By the way, I take back what I said in previous weeks about the Indians. I’m going to take a wait and see approach with them.

We went to the PAN show in Monroeville on Friday.It rained all the way there and most of the way back.The show did not seem crowded but the dealers we spoke with all seemed happy with the volume of activity.I only found two old Ohio notes that I was interested in but the dealer ask price scared me away, so all I bought was some cheap foreign paper for my secondary collection and for club prizes.It seemed like there were a number of dealers emphasizing the sale silver bullion, which I expected.

On a side note, we had trouble finding food on the road.The food court rest stops were shut down.And the restaurants in the Monroeville area did not allow indoor seating.We wanted to sit down and eat.We could not. Fortunately, I had some protein bars with me.

John’s coin show was on Saturday and our club table location had moved in a major table reorganization this month.A number of dealers were at PAN this month.Attendance at the show was great and we sold a few books and coins.We got a new member to join the club and a returnee as well.We welcome backDeepak Harakadalias a returnee and we welcomeMike Thiesas a new member to our club.Our Silent Auction totaled $407.25 this month.Four of the lots were passed. There were the usual great bargains available again.

Wrist update:Some folks at the coin show asked about my wrist again.So, I have great movement in it.Its back to about 80-85% and I hope it will continue to improve with additional exercise.I can do just about everything that I had been able to do before my accident.

Zoom Meeting?Ron has been pestering me to have a Zoom meeting.Do you want to have a Zoom Meeting without an auction?Or do you want us to try to find a temporary venue for meetings. Let me know what you think.

I will be reaching out to those of you who ordered Red Books but have not picked them up at John's show yet.

If you have anything to share with the group, please pass it on to me. If you want to see something, let me know.

Banco de Mexico wins Bank Note of the Year award

The International Bank Note Society, in a vote by its members, has awarded its Bank Note of the Year Award for 2020 to the Banco de Mexico for its new polymer 100-peso note. It’s a gorgeous note.Check it out here.https://www.coinworld.com/news/paper-money/banco-de-mexico-wins-bank-note-of-the-year-award

An Irish banknote found behind a cooker goes for a well-done price

A 160-year-old Irish £1 note found behind a cooker sold for €1,400 at Niall Mullen’s auction of April 13 and 14. The Northern Banking Company note was discovered in the home of the late auctioneer Michael Mullen.Check out the story here:https://www.independent.ie/life/home-garden/homes/in-the-salerooms-160-year-old-irish-1-note-sells-for-1400-at-auction-40371676.html


A metal detectorist uncovered a rare gold stater in Jersey.Found via The Explorator newsletter.https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/04/18/detectorist-discovers-rare-gold-coin-in-field/


The Science History Institute (headquartered in Philadelphia) has a nice online exhibit of paper money items related to the chemical and petroleum industry.https://digital.sciencehistory.org/collections/4x51hj94t


website for a new company offering monthly deliveries of coins and currency from different countries around the world.https://coinandcurrencyclub.com/

Early American Currency on NNP

They continue to update the NNP Edition of Eric Newman's Early Paper Money of America. This online version incorporates additional images from the Newman paper money sales, in addition to edits contributed by collectors and researchers. Ray Williams, David Gladfelter, and others have contributed to this ongoing effort.Check it out athttps://nnp.wustl.edu/library/imagecollection/513468

What happened to Confederate money after the Civil War?

Here is a short fun article that addresses some of the basic questions of confederate money.https://theconversation.com/what-happened-to-confederate-money-after-the-civil-war-159117

Coin Shop Owner tells me about coins, precious metals, and more!

The Coin Guy is back.In this 47 minute video he talks about a wide range of numismatic topics.Sit back, watch, laugh and learn.https://youtu.be/yZS7aVWB_cY

All the Best,




Level 5

Sounds like you are on top of all things Numismatic.


Level 7

Thanks for the update. Some of us just can't get to them. Some because of money some physical like me. I'm totally disabled. That's why we depend on your reports.


Level 6

Wow! Your club has a lot going on! That's great! Sounds like a good time ; )


Level 5

Did you say hi to Mokie at the PAN show? I was there at the Harrisburg Coin Club table. We had our monthly coin club meeting last night and did a white elephant auction to raise money for our summer picnic meeting. Raised $300 plus I believe, which should pay for all the hamburger and hotdogs ! Nice update on your club, nice to see clubs back in action.


Level 2

We said HI to folks at the PAN table. Great job raising money for your club's picnic meeting. Love the idea of a picnic meeting. Lou

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