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12 Jan 2016

NGC labeling list

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     I’m looking to put together training/learning pieces of problematic slabbed coins from NGC  that are labeled “improperly cleaned”, “whizzed”, “dipped” etc. and  wanted to ask if anyone knows off hand what all  those possible labels might be or where to find a list of labels such as these.  I've looked on NGC's website and found some possibilities but not all.  The learning pieces are basically to have physical examples of what to look for in coins prior to sending them in for grading to avoid bad grades or labels.  .  I don’t imagine anyone would want an “improperly cleaned” labeled 1889 CC Morgan dollar as compared to one not labeled that of similar grade.  Any help is much appreciated.



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some people want the coins they want especially an 89 CC - as long as they are aware of the complete condition - but learning about these labels is important - if i come across anything like that - i also kepp them as references myself


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They can tell when a 200 year old coin was cleaned. Sometimes it was cleaned 75 years ago and they pick it up. By scratches. Liquid that stays by the rim. A cent that looks orange. Hair line scratches. There are some signs. Like when the field is nice and new and the letters are still dirty. Those are some red flags.


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I appreciate your interest. I believe I did find the list I was looking for where I initially looked at on NGC's website but didn't quite understand till I asked some questions. On NGC's website there is a page that says "NGC Details Grading" under the "Coin Grading" tab. This is the link that will take you there. https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-grading/details-grading. There are 7 primary topics that deal with Surface Problems on this page and as you click the "read more" under each of the seven sections it gives the possible details problems that fall under each category all of which are the possible labels that would accompany the slab. So if you had an improper cleaning problem there are 9 possibilities that it could be labeled it it had that problem. I've found several online labeled as such but not all. It would be interesting to have all possibilities so that one could have all the examples readily available for comparison. Anyone who might have further details or corrections for this post I'd much appreciate that. Hope this helps.


Level 5

I wish I could help on such a great topic, but no-help in this case.

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