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13 Aug 2018

Gift of a star note

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 Every year for Christmas our Great Grandpa hands us a ten dollar bill. Well this last year he gave us a ten dollar bill and a two dollar bill. It was so cool so I just kept looking at it. Then, my brother took a look at it and compared it to his.  The only difference was mine was a star note! My brother got very jealous of the gift I received, so he tried to buy it off of me with candy and toys. When I got home that night to look to see how much my star note was worth. My particular note was worth forty dollars!  And now I have a very valuable star note but I didn’t have holder for it. Now I am a coin collector but I don’t have very many paper money holders so I asked my brother for a holder, and he told me because I didn’t give him the star note he wasn’t going to give me one of his many extra holders to keep it safe. So then he put it with the rest of his notes. But finally I got my own folder so now my star note two dollar bill that my great grandpa gave me on the afternoon of Christmas Day lays in a binder of coins in its folder in a box under my dresser safe and sound and protected from the harsh environment of the outside world. 

But what did this star note mean? What did it stand for? Why was it in my two dollar bill and not my brothers, or sisters, or my cousins two dollar bill too? It turns out that the star note is a replacement for misprinted or damaged coins before it goes into circulation. So some of them are pretty rare. So I looked into it more. The BEP( Bureau Of Printing and Engraving) is in charge of just that printing and Engraving of the money we hold every day. We went on a family trip to Washington D.C. and we went inside the BEP and it was AWESOME! We looked around for a little bit and then went into the gift shop and my brother got a bag of shredded money I did not get anything. We also went into the smithsonian visitors center and in the donation box there was a star not one dollar bill that looked very similar to mine. I couldn’t believe that someone put a star note in a donations box! I mean it looks different then all of your other money so why wouldn’t you keep it. Or at least looked into what it meant. I’m just happy I have my two dollar bill star note that my grandpa gave to me on Christmas Day in my room under my closet



Level 6

Great blog. You'll look at that note in the years to come and think of your Great Grandpa.. Lucky kid!!


Level 6

You we're the lucky one who got the star note! Very cool story and fun to read!


Level 6

You got a good one! Star notes are not seen that often.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Sound like a nice story. The only star note I’ve found in circulation was in my sisters wallet. I also got two for free from from a Coin show, and one of them is also a silver certificate!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Plus I just got one in change at a Dunkin Donuts.


Level 7

Good story. A lot of people collect star notes. You mentioned coinage they have nothing to do with that just currency. Depending on the year and condition of the note the can go or seven to maybe twenty dollars if that much. If you had a set one,two five ten twenty and fifty and a hundred graded high now that's a set. Keep looking for them I get mine out of a.t.m. machines. The older the better. Enjoy it you have a start. Keep it going but the quality ones some from the bank. Thanks and don't let your brother get it Mike.


Level 6

Enjoy hearing stories related with the hobby.

A great gift Puff Puff.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Not really on topic, but does your brother have a blog?

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