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14 Aug 2018

Ohio State Coin Show

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I’m so excited to go to the Ohio State coin show during Labor Day weekend! They have a scavenger hunt where you can find free coins and you get a free binder to put them in! There are 125 tables in the show and they are very competitive prices so I hope I get a good deal🤞🏻. There is also a coin book sale in the entrance so I might get one of those read it, and write a book review. We’ll see though. 



Level 6

I love scavenger hunts! Good luck and find some good coins!


Level 5

I'm looking forward to it also. Myself and a friend are going over on Saturday.


Level 6

Coin shows are the best.. Sounds like a good one.. Make a plan. I tend to get overwhelmed at them. Good hunting!!


Level 7

Enjoy the show but if you never been to the city see the sites bring a camera. Sho smart make a list before you go and a budget. If a price is to good it usually is. Shows are were the counterfeiters come out and the prey on kids.

Make sure you bring enough money to get some good deals. puff puff


Level 6

Keep looking. You may find a real prize at this show.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Good luck on finding some good coins!

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