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18 Nov 2019

My goals for the coming year

Coins | Moneda1793

Gotta love this hobby! Recently after obtaining some old and new coin catalogs( latest from Heritage,Stack Bowers,etc to back in the past , such as the mammoth catalog of the John Story Jenks collection by Henry Chapman, with copies of the plates!) , I've started to collect a Morgan for each year,starting with the less pricier ones. Conditions ranging from ExFine to MS 63. It appears that the Philadelphia and New Orleans mints put out the most Morgans in comparison to the San Francisco and Carson City mints. My target for next year will be the 1893 and 1895. Once that is completed, I'll move on to collecting the type set of Gold coins ,from the Dollar to the Double Eagle. Hopefully I'll complete that set in a couple of years. I hope everyone here gets to fulfill their goals for the coming year! Rick

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