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03 Jul 2020

How was ANA started?

| xaviera

I have a question. How was ANA started ? I do not have the answer to this so if you know it please post in the comments.



Level 4

Thanks guys that is really helpful


Level 5

Come on Mokie, I mean, I'm an old fart now buddy. lol. No Cigars or harsh cleaning though, one bath every sat night is enough. Ha! The history of the ANA is a perfect microcosm of the day it was formed as well as today. It is ripe with people wanting only to do something worthy and grand, as well as people who were only in it for the profit. Fascinating reading.


Level 6

I love Mokie's comment ; ) I believe all the ANA's history can be found here on the web-site.


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I don't get it . Collectors join the ANA. And don't know anything about it. Research it find out what you pay does get active read blogs and learn share you knowledge . I mean people write blogs. But they don't read anyone else's this is a two way street. I want to learn someone writes a blog I lern. But the person who wrote it doesn't read any one elses. Maybe I will do that . Just write blogs.


Level 3

Great question I don't know either.


Level 5

Very good question. Would love to travel back in time and visit some of the meetings. The site does have information and history of the ANA. Local coin clubs forming always interests me. Seeing a coin club medal from years ago, makes we wonder who participated and how the club was back then.


Level 7

Look it up its on the site. You will have to learn research and history. This would be a good start for you. Give it a shot. You can do it. Don't give up . Wait till you find it how good you will do feel you did it. We all go thru it.

there is actually a whole section of this website devoted to that, a link to which I believe YoloBagels has provided... check it out!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Good question Xaviera, thanks for asking. I didn't know either.


Level 4


It's Mokie

Level 6

Bunch of old farts sitting around a table, smoking cigars, cleaning their coins harshly, and forming our wonderful ANA back in 1891. I believe Chicago was their first home.


Level 4

If my memory serves me correctly, it was founded in 1891 by George Heath.

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