Antek's Blog

16 Dec 2020

A Guide to WW2 OPA Tokens: An Obscure Section of Numismatics

Exonumia | Antek

OPA tokens are a section of numismatics that most people overlook. But OPA tokens are more than just tokens to me. They are historical items which everybody should take a look at. They show the struggles of World War Two.

08 Dec 2020

Cats and Coins... A rushed blog about felines and numismatics.

Coins | Antek

Before I get into the rest of the blog, I would like to say this blog is a bit rushed as I was a bit tight on time when writing it, hopefully you guys will still enjoy it!

03 Dec 2020

The Bicentennial Medals Made by the U.S. Mint

Exonumia | Antek

Coin shop owner Harry said “It was like the buy-sell-tennial! Everything was about the bicentennial, even the pepsi bottles.” What Harry was referring to was the 1776-1976 bicentennial, which celebrated 200 years since the United States of America’s independence.

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